Mum's Hub TalleyTalk
Mum’s Hub is a community of women, mothers, and aspiring mothers to share their experiences around motherhood and relationships. This is a safe space where we discuss topics around our mental health and our children's mental health. If you ever feel like you want to ask other mothers questions or feel the support from a community of women going through similar experiences as you, come join us!

Saturday 9.30 am bi-weekly
I'm Not Going To Raise My Kids
Duration 60 minutes
We'll be disccusing:

Have you decided to raise your children differently to how you were raised? If so, why?

● Falling into your parents patterns?

● Do you resent your upbringing?

● Were you neglected?

● How will you change?

● Struggling to let it go?
I Love My Baby But I Don't Want To Live Anymore
Duration 60 minutes
What was discussed:

It’s common for new mothers to lose themselves in low self-esteem thoughts and that constant feeling of insecurity. All of which can seriously affect your life when you should be celebrating motherhood.

● You are not alone.

● Have you neglected yourself?

● Do you struggle to enjoy motherhood?

● How can you revive your confidence?

● Where can you turn for support?