Mum's Hub TalleyTalk
Mum’s Hub is a community of women, mothers, and aspiring mothers to share their experiences around motherhood and relationships. This is a safe space where we discuss topics around our mental health and our children's mental health. If you ever feel like you want to ask other mothers questions or feel the support from a community of women going through similar experiences as you, come join us!

Saturday 9.30 am bi-weekly
SEX. Let's Talk About It
Duration 60 minutes
We'll be disccusing:

● When should we talk about it?

● The word makes children laugh when younger but cringe when they're older. But it's important to be talking about it openly, right?  

● Can we make the subject less taboo?

● How do we teach consent and how to say no?

● At what age do we start the conversation?

● Giving our children the confidence to call out sexual violence and abuse.
Keeping our children safe
Duration 60 minutes
What was discussed:

● Should we teach boys and girls differently?

● How do we teach young girls to be aware and boys to respect?

● Is sheltering our children the answer?

● Without frightening children, how can we teach safety online and in public?