Identity TalleyTalk
Identity TalleyTalk focuses on topics around identity, this includes emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial Identity. This anonymous talk allows participants to delve deep into topics surrounding identity and mental health, the co-hosts include coaches and experts in their domain. If you want to learn more about yourself, why you do the things you do, and what makes you unique them come along - every week, the same link.

Saturday 10 am weekly
I Didn't Lose A Friend,I Realised I Didn't Have One
Duration 60 minutes
We'll be disccusing:

I quickly discovered that making friends wasn’t as easy as I’d always assumed.

● Struggling to make connections?

● Friendship apps?

● Previous friendships holding you back?

● Online friends?

● Introverted, anxious and shy?
What If I'm WorkingFrom Home Forever?
Duration 60 minutes
What was discussed:

Until a few years ago, the thought of working on my terms was so exciting. Not anymore! The limitless work, long hours with no sense of real break and loss of human interaction has taken away all the pleasure.

● Are you suffering from insomnia or fatigue?

● Do you now work longer hours?

● Is your employer manipulating you?

● Have you had a breakdown?

● Are you thriving or barely surviving?