Talley has come together to create an environment for employees to be able to be open, honest, and feel listened to.

 We wanted to create a space where you don't feel alone, at the moment there are no catch-ups or drinks after work to discuss how you are and how your day was.

However, we are here to make sure you've still got a group to help discuss a range of topics from how to deal with working from home? Is furlough stifling your brain? And most importantly, how are you?


A dedicated b2b team from different working experienced backgrounds from corporate law to advertising. We know what it is like to work under pressure and how at a point in your working life you can feel alone and struggling with day-to-day life. We recognise that before everyday life becomes too much it’s good to talk to an empathic and understandable group.

Breaking Barriers, Building Connections

We offer packages ranging from bespoke TalleyTalk’s for your employees to wellbeing sessions including Yoga and mindfulness. This can be mixed and matched to fit your team and make sure they get the most benefit from our service.