When there is no
one else to talk to,
we will be there.

We provide a safe place for you to be heard and accepted, through our confidential and anonymous service.


TalleyTalks are a powerful way to connect with others on mental health related topics, and to listen to others experiences, all within in an interactive group audio setting. Participants find the Talks to be highly reassuring and grounding, due to them creating a deeper sense of community and also being a space to speak from the heart without fear of judgement.


ID TalleyTalk focuses on a different topic each week, relating to identity. These topics include any emotional, spiritual, physical and financial identity matters, among others. Check in with us each week for more.
Mum’s hub focuses on women and motherhood. With a different topic each week, this community is open to mothers or aspiring mothers to share their experiences. Recent topics have included ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’, and ‘Childhood Mental Health’.


July 2019

Whilist binge-watching Silicon Valley, Lara, Talley’s CEO, was suddenly inspired to move forward with an idea she had been sitting on for some time. After going through her own mental health experiences, Lara’s idea was to build a platform whereby people could come together, connect, and share their true feelings.
November 2019

A few months after the initial idea, Lara took Talley to Techstars, a weekend competition where like-minded people collaborated on new ideas. Lara, Wale and Sergio drew on their passions and past experiences, bringing Talley to life and eventually going home with first prize.

August 2020

Realising they had something special, the team began building Talley from the ground up. Culminating in the first ever TalleyTalk in February 2020. From there things really picked up speed after a successful crowdfunding campaign and a glowing feature in Forbes magazine. Find out more
Spring 2021

With the simple touch of a button, participants will soon be able to schedule calls with Listeners and attend virtual interactive and anonymous group calls with the Talley community.
Until then Talley takes place online hosting weekly TalleyTalks with its ever-growing community


"Getting to know Talley, and experiencing first-hand how powerful their platform can be, has helped us to understand how open and non-judgemental conversations about mental health can be."

- Hubdot
"I have been to an awful lot of meetings in my life, and not once have I left one feeling the way I feel now. The energy on the talk was incredible!"

- Anonymous
“The TalleyTalk session was really refreshing. I felt that I could talk about the racial trauma I had experienced comfortably thanks to the anonymity of it all.”

– CMS Employee


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